Kamen Bryag

Kamen Bryag (meaning “stone coast”) is a village in northeast Bulgaria, in the region of Dobrich, municipality of Kavarna. 


Former names

Kamennik: used in the Middle Ages.

Kaya Bey Koy: during the Ottoman rule; the name is literally translated as “the village of the Stone Master”. This name was derived by the solitary rock in front of the Small Yaila on the sea coast in front of the village: that rock symbolizes its place. The name was also derived from the stone covered coast stretching for kilometers around, with a height of at least 30 m.
Stânca: that was a name given during the Romanian rule in the years 1919-1940.

Cultural and natural sites

Two kilometers south of the village is the Yailata archaeological reserve, with a multitude of tombs, stone dwellings and a fortress wall from the early Byzantine period. To the northwest of the village is a large necropolis of Scythian tombs. At the entrance of Yailata a Thracian altar of the Sun was discovered and cleared, to be prominent. On the high shores north and south of the village there are also a number of megalithic monuments.
About 1.5 km away from Yailata is the Flame, a gas deposit dating to the end of the 50s of the past century; it continues burning.

Regular events

July Morning Welcome. Participants flock here from all corners of Bulgaria. In August each year, a competition in rock climbing is held. In September each year, the traditional “Sea and Wind” plein air painting event is held. Artists and sculptors from all over the country and from abroad participate in the event.